“Away to the window I flew like a flash, tore open the window and threw up the sash!”

Certainly wasn’t a visit from dear old Saint Nick. It’s the wrong time of year, this must be a trick!

Holy thunderous noise! I thought my roof was going to cave in on top of my head in the middle of the night, and it isn’t easy trying to sleep with one eye open. Alas, we made it through the night and after talking to family, friends and doing a Google search, I am confident that my roof is not going to collapse. Phew! I guess it isn’t unusual to hear loud bangs from the roof in very cold temperatures. It’s known as thermal expansion and contraction.

This certainly has been a winter of firsts for many of us here in the Northeast. I have lived in my home for 26+ years and I have never experienced ice dams. I remember in past winters thinking it was pretty to see icicles hanging from buildings. I will never look at those icicles in the same way again.

As of today, this is the 2nd snowiest winter on record for the Boston area. There is less than a foot of snow keeping this winter from the top spot. We still have several more weeks until spring and we are supposed to get snow in a few days.

Brrrr… I don’t think I need to mention the frigid temperatures. I don’t know about you, but I’m a little jealous of those snow birds right now!

For the record, ice dams are no joke. They can cause serious damage to  your home. There have also been residential and farm animal roof collapses due to the heavy snow and ice. If you think you have structural damage, get it checked out immediately. A roof can be replaced.

You can read more about those loud bangs in this article – Loud banging noise on my roof when it’s cold.

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