Plimoth Plantation teamed up with Mirbeau Inn & Spa at the Pinehills and Setting the Space for a unique fundraising event called Feastible Films. The Grand Budapest Hotel was the featured film which set the theme for the evenings events.

Upon arrival, each guest checked in and received their room keys. The guests then gathered in the specially created hotel lobby where they were treated to a champagne reception complete with live music, passed hors d’oeuvres, and an open bar which served beer, wine and signature cocktails.

The Johnny Souza Jazz band started off the evening on a nice note, while the bar tenders poured and the staff hustled to tend to the hotel guests.

Johnny Souza Jazz Band at Feastible Films

Throughout the hotel lobby, there were three strategically placed locked boxes. Guests used their room key combination code and attempted to open the lock to reveal the enclosed prize. My friend Wendy had a winning combination.  She won a free design consultation plus a gift certificate from one of the sponsors, Setting The Space. She was very excited!

Prize Winner at  Feastible Films

As guests were ushered to the theatre, we were presented with a mystery box and told not to open it until instructed. Once everyone was seated we were told to open the box and inside we found 10 numbered items.

Feastible Films Mystery Box
Throughout the movie, we were advised to open a numbered box and savor the contents which coincided with that particular scene of the movie. I can attest that a great deal of thought and creativity went into each item and while everything was delightful, I am grateful that the sizes of each were not any larger. Otherwise my sugar hangover would have been much more severe!

Here were a few of my favorites (and I finished every delectable bite):

“Mendl’s Box” – Green iced mini cream puff with purple scroll.
“The snow in the alps” – Greek yogurt panna cotta, passion fruit snow.
“Nazi shoot out” – Bavarian with freeze dried raspberries, croquette pop rocks, micro basil.

What a special evening this turned out to be! Hats off to the Mirbeau Inn & Spa team of chefs for their very creative and delicious creations.  This is one very talented group.

Mirbeau's Team of Chefs at Feastible Films

All of the proceeds from the event went to Plimoth Plantation’s Annual Fund. I look forward to future events at Plimoth Plantation. Well done!