It’s easy to search the internet and find information on properties for sale, but home sales are not readily available without some investigation. Even with investigation it can be difficult to get an accurate picture of actual sales, especially if there is new construction within the community. Pinehills is a growing community with numerous new construction options. Most of that information is not listed on Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

If you are searching for or selling a home within Pinehills, don’t you want to work with a broker that knows what has sold, including new construction? A search of home sales on MLS (which is the go to source for information in the real estate industry) does not represent what has actually sold within the community. It might surprise you to learn that a little less than half of the homes sold actually appeared in the search results.

115 single family homes sold in 2014. 62 of those homes appeared on MLS. 21 of the 62 homes were new construction. 32 homes were never listed in MLS.

87 condominium townhomes sold in 2014. 42 condominiums were listed on MLS. 3 of the 42 homes were new construction. 45 condominiums were never listed in MLS.

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*This information was compiled from the MLS and public records. It is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. It does not include land and custom built home sales in the community.

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