“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Benjamin Franklin

It might be March, but the winter is far from over here in Massachusetts. Get ready, we are expecting more snow tonight and if that isn’t bad enough, the forecast is also calling for a miserable mix of wintery mess on Thursday. Given that, it’s no surprise that Boston will probably beat the snowiest winter on record in the next few days.

What a winter this has been. We have all had to deal with record amounts of snow, ice dams, and all those noisy frost quakes. We may be a hardy bunch here in New England, but most of us are so ready for spring. Bring on the thaw!

Oh wait, have you thought about the spring thaw? Just a little bit of rain and some melting could be a recipe for disaster for many homeowners. If you have raked or shoveled your roof (probably several times) then you most likely have a mountain of snow surrounding your home right now. The ground is still frozen and if it rains, that melting snow has to go somewhere. Hopefully not your basement!

You know, that ounce of prevention I mentioned earlier….  My advice, get rid of as much of that snow as you can as soon as possible. Another tip, if you think you are going to need a sump pump in the next few months, better get it now. I bet they will be in high demand.