Your closet might not sell your house, but having it neat and uncluttered can make a big difference to those buyers who want storage space. Having little to no closet space can be a real turn off to a potential buyer, but having plenty of closet space and too much clutter can be just as bad.

Maybe it goes back to the dawn of time. You know, that hunter gatherer thing. It’s true, most people are gatherers. I bet I could walk into my closet right now and put my hand on some article of clothing with a tag still attached. Oh yeah, you know what I’m talking about!

Hopefully, you have already decluttered the main living space in your home. If not, there’s no time like the present. Just don’t stop short of the closet. The expression less is more comes into play here. The less clutter you have the better and bigger your closet will appear. You do realize that people touring your home are looking in your closet, right?

If your home is for sale, then you are planning on moving. Why not pack up some of the items you aren’t using? You’re going to have to at some point anyway. Come on, this is pretty much a twofer! Pack it now and you don’t have to later, plus you will have a closet that appears more spacious making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Consider doing this sooner rather than later because a first impression is a lasting impression. Subscribe and stay tuned for more home seller tips.