Ellisville Harbor State Park is a local treasure on Cape Cod Bay in Plymouth Massachusetts. If you haven’t explored this park, then I highly recommend you check it out.

Ellisville Harbor State Park Trail

I have driven past this park so many times and it wasn’t until my sister and I were on a mission to get a look at the right whales which were recently spotted feeding just off shore. I was a day late to see the whales, but I wasn’t too disappointed because I discovered a new spot to go for a hike which landed me at one of my favorite destinations…. the beach!

Ellisville Harbor State Park Beach

Ellisville Harbor State Park Sandy Beach

In the above photograph you can see White Cliffs in the distance. Beautiful!

There is a short trail (half mile or so) that skirts above and along the marsh. There is a picnic area part way down the trail where the trees appear to be vista pruned for better viewing.

Ellisville Harbor State Park Marsh View

The trees along the trail are a combination of pine and deciduous trees. You can tell from my photographs that it was a few weeks ago and the trees were still leafless which allowed for great visibility of the ocean.

A couple days later, I went back with a friend and we walked our dogs on the beach. The hike ended with two tired and happy dogs.

Ellisville Harbor State Park is easy to find on Route 3A in south Plymouth. There are signs along the way and right before you approach the parking area. Just be careful when you pull off the road into the park because there are some pretty large holes in the dirt parking lot.

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