Fall is in full swing here in New England, and leaf peeping fans are rejoicing in the beauty that abounds. This past weekend was Columbus Day, and most people were able to enjoy a three day weekend. As I was scanning Facebook, I noticed so many great photos posted of friends picking apples.

I remember going apple picking as a child. It was so much fun and the apples were SO delicious. Not to mention the apple pies my mother used to bake. Don’t want to start a debate, but mom still makes the best apple pie. The local orchard that we used to go to is long gone, but there are still orchards around if you want to get out and pick some apples.

I found a great website, if you feel inclined. You can click on New England apple orchard finder and find the closest orchard to you. It’s always great to support your local grower!

I also have to try this recipe. They are so appealing and the recipe seems so easy. Enjoy!

Did I mention that fall is a great time to shop for a home too? Call me 508-725-5858 if you are in the market to buy or sell a home. It’s great to support your local Realtor too.